Farming is in our roots and family tree. Chris's great grandfather Seldon Baugher migrated with his farming operation from Missouri to Orland, California over 100 years ago. Chris grew up farming with his father Keith. Chris always questioned conventional practices, and together with Marcie they embraced the organic mission during the farming crisis of the early 1980s. Farming is more than just getting dirty and raising a crop, it is part of our heritage. We are passionate about pioneering old forgotten ways while exploring and integrating new and progressive practices.

Baugher Ranch Organics now owns 640 acres. Some of the acreage is newly planted and in transition to organics. Our acreage has natural water reservoirs, ponds for collecting water runoff, and natural habitat surrounding our orchards. We promote bee activity by harboring bee friendly native pollinators around the orchard sites.

We work with other almond farmers from all over the state which allows us to share with new and old farmers alike. We are able to exchange ideas, share in trial and error together, and help bring depth to practices and information pool. We encourage and provide resources for new or prospective organic growers. Our goal is to promote sustainable organic farming and support all our family farmers.

Please contact us if you are interested in growing organically, transitioning from conventional almonds, or just want to discuss organic farming practices. We encourage the organic industry, assisting our fellow growers and enhancing the preservation of our planet.