Our facility is located in Orland, California. It is situated in close proximity to Interstate 5 for easy access and logistics. We farm, handle, process, manufacture and have cold storage on site. Our processing has fully integrated lasers with optical, density and x-ray sorting capabilities. We still provide some of the old school ways and hand sort the final product prior to packing. This provides a top of the line product for our customers.

Our state of the art facility has a stainless steel pasteurizer, roaster, dicer and slicer for manufacturing. It is validated and approved with a 4 log kill step by TERP (Technical Expert Review Panel). This gives us the capability of producing a highly specialized product for our customers and manufacturers.

Storage of organic almonds is critical and strictly enforced at Baugher Ranch Organics. Our cold storages are top of the line with complete digital units monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity around the clock. We pride ourselves managing these cold storages efficiently and effectively. Storing and monitoring product on site gives us quality control and assurance, plus protects the integrity of the nuts.

We process to our customer’s specifications and base most of our products from the USDA Grades.