We have worked hard over the past years developing, fine tuning and upgrading our Quality Assurance program. We take pride in Quality Assurance and enforcement of this program is our number one priority. Our team is committed to producing a safe and supreme product for our growers, customers, consumer’s and their families.

Our Quality Assurance Program provides the following:

  • SQF Level 2. SQF certification is your assurance that the products you are buying have passed rigorous international standards for food quality and safety, including HACCP. SQF is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and food retailers worldwide.
  • Perform environmental monitoring.
  • Preventative allergen program.
  • Microbial, pathogen and pesticide residue testing recognized by third party nationally accredited labs.
  • All growers follow GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and suppliers are audited by our team.
  • Full traceability from specific orchard site to consumer.
  • Highly integrated state of the art laser, density and x-ray and metal detecting.
  • Validation of equipment and processes.
  • Working with high spec customers goals and achievements.

For additional information on USDA grades and standards see the USDA website.