Our Story

Chris and Marcie Baugher are the founders of Baugher Ranch Organics. Located in Northern California, we have been farming, processing and marketing organic almonds for 30 years and have helped pioneer the organic almond industry.

In the 1980’s Chris was farming with his father and brothers. The family was farming over 3000 acres, but the farming crisis hit hard at home, putting extreme pressure on the family financially. The family eventually went their separate ways with Chris and Marcie owning 130 acres of conventional almonds. They made a life changing decision to follow their dreams and passion in 1984 and converted their conventional orchard to organic.

These were difficult times transitioning to organic farming and processing practices. It was not the norm in the 1980’s growing organic and processing organic almonds. Chris and Marcie were the “odd men out” with family and neighboring farmers stating "they would never make it". They put their best foot forward, focusing on their vision and raising a family while shrugging off the feedback of others.

It was very difficult to farm and process organically during these times. As all organic farmers know, one has to think out of the box to farm organically. Being skeptical of financial institutions, and having minimal agriculture organic inputs, burdened their farming situation. Chris and Marcie did their best to keep the orchard alive and fabricated their own hulling and processing equipment. They could not afford to harvest the orchard mechanically and Chris was against using fossil fuels whenever possible. Chris remembered his grandfather harvesting with horses pulling sleds with tarps and using mallets to knock the trees and decided to give it a try. This technique worked for them and harvested this way for 20 years. This is where the logo we still use today originates from!

Chris and Marcie would load up the back of their pickup every month with Baugher Ranch cases and drive up to the Oregon coast and down the California coast ending in San Diego. Chris would stop off at natural food stores and co-ops, delivering a case or two, making friends and valued partners along the way. Every month he would come back with another delivery, hoping his customers loved their product, the personal connection and wanted more almonds. As time went by sales increased, Chris soon outgrew the bed of his pick-up truck and needed to rent a trailer to haul for his deliveries. Over the years Chris and Marcie earned a reputation for quality, honesty and respect in the organic community. Eventually, Chris was able to give up the monthly deliveries, allowing more family time and Baugher Ranch organic almonds were picked up directly from their facility.

Today, Baugher Ranch Organics has grown by maintaining a vision and perseverance, staying true to sustainable practices with strong partnerships. Chris and Marcie never imagined they would have a state of the art facility and become a leading global supplier of organic almonds 30 years ago. They are proud to leave their business to the next generation of family and valued employees who worked by their side and will continue maintaining the integrity of Baugher Ranch Organics.