Sustainability is a term of great popularity today. Chris and Marcie built this business by integrating sustainability, before it was a trend or a marketing term. Practicing the balance of biodiversity on our farms, providing a healthy workplace, building long term relationships, going through good times and challenging times, and being here tomorrow for our partners and employees is our emphasis on sustainability.

Now sustainability is being used and practiced in every industry world wide. Baugher Ranch Organics recognizes these changes and is working on new sustainable practices.

A few of our practices include:

  • Bee native and adaptive plant landscaping from
  • Certified Bee Friendly Farmer and member of Pollinator Partnership
  • U.S. Green Building Council member
  • Fully integrated 335 kW solar system summer of 2016
  • Use of reclaimed water for landscaping
  • Carpooling with employee incentives
  • Direct monitoring and control of cold storages
  • Indoor air quality for employees with MERV 13 filtration
  • Monitored and metered facility water consumption
  • Reduced fuel consumption in 2013 from 3463 pounds of Co2 and in 2014 by 15,584 pounds of Co2
  • Monitor energy consumption with energy star portfolio manager
  • All refrigerants in heating, venting, air-conditioning, and HVAC used are free of CFC based refrigerants
  • Food waste composting
  • Bailing of cardboard and plastics which is 100% recycled
  • Growing an extensive fruit and vegetable garden for employees
  • Supply organic almond compost to local organic livestock farmers, exchanging local organic meat to employees and their families
  • Automatic light switches
  • LED lighting
  • Photocell outdoor lighting
  • Recycled/green office supplies
  • Donate to local food bank
  • Adopt a family holiday program
  • Contribute to charity organizations financially and donate our time
  • Battery operated forklifts
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